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Estimates show that the Google Display Network reaches approximately 90 percent of all web users worldwide. With a number like that, it makes sense for advertisers and web publishers alike to take advantage of Google Ads for their remarketing campaigns. And with a Google remarketing campaign, companies can tag certain pages of their site that visitors have browsed for example, the pages that feature shoes.

This allows them to create a campaign to reserve relevant ads as the visitor goes on to different sites. This is the basic essence of how remarketing works, though there are other benefits of using Google Ads for remarketing campaigns. Using Google AdWords Remarketing creates a win-win situation for individuals looking to gain revenue from the Web. On one hand, companies can target consumers who are most likely to buy their products.

Finally, remarketing also benefits customers who are looking to make the right purchases. Southern Web specializes in competitive, data-driven digital marketing and innovative WordPress development solutions. Ready to get started? Without the overhead of large direct deal teams teams of people selling and implementing direct advertiser campaigns , publishers can focus more of their resources and time on things like content, SEO, social media, and other audience-building components of publishing.

We answer the question regarding how much a website should earn from digital ads in the article below:.

Gone are the days when a banner ad was enough

How much traffic is needed to monetize a website? It depends on the type of traffic, the visitor demographic, the context of your website content, and a number of other factors that can be deduced from the article above. Most publishers usually find that they specialize in a particular type of traffic. For example, a web publisher may derive the vast majority of their traffic from Google Search or Facebook. These techniques, content, and strategies for publishers that pull from a Google Search audience vs. Both can be profitable audiences for the publishers but require different publishing strategies.

Visitors coming from Google Search may behave very differently than visitors coming from Facebook or a publisher newsletter. Understanding how these visitors behave may give you a very good idea of how to treat each user. But first, we have to understand how to properly monetize a website using visitor traffic.

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The goal should be to authentically extend the user session for as long as possible. The graph above highlights some of my favorite data, it is showing the increase in session revenue for each additional engaged pageview a pageview with at least 15 seconds of engaged time. The goal of every web publisher should be to optimize ad earnings for a user session… not the page. Instead of trying to figure out how to maximize the amount of CPMs on a page the way many ad ops professionals still do it today , publishers should be focused on how they maximize the potential earnings from the entire visor session all the pages visited on a user session.

Example of this principle: A user comes and views a ton of ads on a page, they are annoyed and leave without visiting any other pages. That page may have earned solid revenue because of all the ads ; however, the publisher missed out on the revenue that could have potentially been earned from all the ads on additional pages that could have been viewed had the visitor stayed and visited those pages. That overall session revenue tends to be a lot more than the single page revenue.

How to build video banner ads - Bannerflow Blog

This is essentially how publishers should be looking to monetize their traffic with ads. They should be finding that perfect balance between showing ads and affecting user experiences — this is how ad revenue is truly maximized. The method by which you would extend user sessions for a visitor coming from a social media site and one who is coming from Google is different.

Furthermore, ads themselves play a big role in this process as well as we discussed above. Ads can detract from a visitors experiences and cause them to visit fewer pages or even bounce form their session. You may find that social users bounce far less when shown ads, compared to organic visitors. Understanding how each of your traffic sources responds to ads is critical to maximizing overall session revenue.

This means showing different ads in different locations to different types of visitors Google Search vs. Twitter, etc.

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This will help you optimize the ad revenue by traffic source. This can actually add up really quickly ; as optimizing towards averages can have a really negative effect on UX and revenue. For example … you may learn that the bounce rate on your site is relatively steady when showing 5 ads or less. However, if you then decided to just show all visitors 5 ads, you may be negatively impacting one traffic source that does not share the same thresholds. This would mean significantly less revenue from this traffic source. So what should you do? Monitor each traffic source, test ad placements, and density and see which ones perform best for different traffic sources Ezoic users note: this is happening automatically.

Publishers with different core traffic sources usually have vastly different types of content as well. Some websites are tool-based i. All of these types of content require different types of strategies. One of the fastest ways to look at this in the traditional sense is by looking at content type in the form of long or short. We wrote an article about monetizing short and long-form content a while back see below. Ultimately, you should monitor how your content performs in multiple formats.

Become a Banner Expert in 7 Minutes With Your Viral Banners

This means delivering it several ways i. Use segments and filter in Google Analytics to determine how different types of users respond to things like content recommendation widgets or tools and other types of embedded content. The moral of the story is this for monetizing all of your content : Test different formats on different audiences. Ensure that your ads are not negatively impacting UX on all your different user segments.

How to Create an Effective Banner Ad

I see publishers every day that are blown away by the impact that simply showing different ad combinations to different user can have on the bottom line most still just show the same ad placements to every visitor. This was one of the major motivations for creating our platform, Ezoic. Not only do native ads have their own impact on user experiences — they impact the potency of other ads as well. Native ads almost always have some kind of effect on bounce rate, session duration, and pageviews per visit.

Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today
Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today
Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today
Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today
Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today
Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today
Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today
Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today Become a Banner Ad Expert Starting Today

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