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Macbeth (Opera Journeys Mini Guide Series)

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Stories From the Hebrew Bible. Macbeth: Due vaticini compiuti or sono The Witches, noting the anxiety of the two men, erupt in triumph: they have planted their evil seeds, and now await the flowering of their malevolence. Lady Macbeth reads a letter from Macbeth in which he describes his meeting with the Witches and their prophesy for his future. She explodes into uncontrollable excitement as she envisions their forthcoming rise to power: she bids Macbeth hurry home so she can incite him with her diabolical plans; for Lady Macbeth, no crime shall thwart her obsessive ambition for power.

Lady Macbeth, energized by this sudden opportunity Macbeth Page 6 to fulfill her dreams, invokes the powers of darkness as she contemplates the murder of King Duncan. Lady Macbeth: Or tutti sorgete King Duncan and his entourage parade briefly before Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, a few gracious words are exchanged, and then the King retires for the night.

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In a tense confrontation, Lady Macbeth reveals her diabolical murder plans to her husband, goading him to assassinate King Duncan that very night. Macbeth becomes possessed by fantastic images: he envisions the dagger, and as a night bell sounds, he rushes off to murder Duncan. Macbeth returns to the awaiting Lady Macbeth, his hands bloody and still holding the dagger. But Macbeth is horrified by his actions and is unable to return to the murder scene. Loud knocks on the castle gates herald the arrival of Banquo and Macduff. All are summoned, express their horrified anguish, and then pray for divine guidance for vengeance and justice.

Macbeth is now King, but he is apprehensive and insecure of his new power.

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Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to murder Banquo and his heirs. With fiercely determination, she urges her husband to be undaunted in his purpose: his resolve must remain firm, never weaken nor fail him; he must murder Banquo so he can fulfill his destiny and glory. Banquo appears with his son, Fleance, and meditates about his fears for his future.

Banquo: Come dal ciel precipita Assassins murder Banquo, but his son, Fleance, escapes.

Macbeth summons Lady Macbeth to celebrate and lead the noble guests in a brindisi, a drinking song praising happiness and love, and a farewell to anxiety and suffering. Lady Macbeth: the Brindisi; Si colmi il calice As the closing strains of the brindisi echo, an assassin advises Macbeth that they have murdered Banquo, but unfortunately, his son Fleance escaped. Macbeth, incoherent and lacking presence of mind, addresses the empty chair.

Lady Macbeth tries to discourage and calm him by repeating her brindisi, ironically proposing a toast to the health of the absent Banquo. But Macbeth, overcome with terror, cannot erase the vision of Banquo and proceeds to speak to the ghost. In the confusion, Lady Macbeth tries to assuage the guests, declaring that the dead cannot return to life. However, Macbeth has become possessed by fear and guilt: he is determined to learn his fate and decides to seek the prophesies from the Witches.

A burning cauldron surrounded by Witches. In a bizarre display of supernatural imagery, the Witches sing and dance as they hover over a flaming caldron. Chorus of Witches: Tre volte miagola Hecate, the goddess of night and witchcraft, appears before them and announces the arrival of King Macbeth: she orders the Witches to answer his questions, and should his composure break down, the spirits must revive and reinvigorate him. Macbeth pleads with the Witches to predict his destiny. The Witches conjure up a series of apparitions, each preceded by a lightning bolt.

The first apparition, the head of an armed warrior, warns Macbeth to beware that Macduff, Thane of Fife, is his mortal enemy. Macbeth acknowledges to the spirit that it confirms his own suspicions, but the next apparition, a bloody child, assures Macbeth that he need fear no man of woman born: Macbeth ecstatically proclaims that he no longer fears Macduff.

Another apparition predicts that Macbeth shall never be vanquished until the forest of Birnam Wood shall rise. Suddenly, the spirits of eight kings pass by: each disappears and is replaced by another apparition. The eighth king is Banquo: he holds a mirror, a symbol indicating that kings will stem from his lineage. Macbeth attacks the Macbeth Page 10 apparition of Banquo with his sword, but the apparition, along with the Witches themselves, vanish. Macbeth, possessed with fear and terror, faints and falls to the ground.

Ciolmi mè ninine - Score Ciolmi mè ninine - Score
Ciolmi mè ninine - Score Ciolmi mè ninine - Score
Ciolmi mè ninine - Score Ciolmi mè ninine - Score
Ciolmi mè ninine - Score Ciolmi mè ninine - Score
Ciolmi mè ninine - Score Ciolmi mè ninine - Score
Ciolmi mè ninine - Score Ciolmi mè ninine - Score
Ciolmi mè ninine - Score Ciolmi mè ninine - Score
Ciolmi mè ninine - Score Ciolmi mè ninine - Score
Ciolmi mè ninine - Score Ciolmi mè ninine - Score

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