Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws

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We all know that it is a joy to be listened to.

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It's tiring to always be the listener. Do you agree? Try to arrange an activity that will be fun for everyone. Sometimes what happens during a yearly vacation can be very different than what happens during Christmas at, let's say, an aunt's house. There are many more ways to work on this tricky relationship but please don't make the assumption that the in-law relationship will necessarily be toxic.

Also, as a clinical psychologist and a plant lover I would like to request that you not refer to the snake plant in the accompanying picture by the nickname-mother-in-law's tongue. That is just not fair. You've encapsulated the issue and set do-able goals. At least do-able if you yourself look for what you can control, and what your responsibility is.

I didn't agree with Dr. Laura all that often, but once she said to someone who didn't want to go to a wedding because "so and so" was going to be there, "Get over it. You can be an adult, go and be nice. It's a refreshing change to find a post on Psychology Today about developing and maintaining healthy functional in-law relationships, rather than just another in-law bashing rant.

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The article is brimming with practical relationship advice that can be applied to any relationship. I think there is a huge population of young parents who simply haven't ever been exposed to any relationship courses. I am so delighted that you found it helpful and informative. And, I agree that we all need to learn more about healthy relationships! It get's very monotonous and even discouraging living in this anti-advice culture, where it seems misery loves company more than it wants to discover what works.

As a young married parent I actively sought out the advice of, and chose to be in the company of older more experienced married people with in-laws, as a means of learning the ropes of how to embrace family relationships with people I had not known all of my life. As an old grandparent I find that those in there now seems to be two distinct in-law camps that very rarely mix; those who get along and those who cut-off.

Perhaps along the way there's just been way too much focus on dissecting, analyzing and then discarding what doesn't work. It would be nice is we could re-focus the attention on dissecting, analyzing and embracing what does work. Dr Greenberg, You wronged wives on this article, because all you did was coddle the inalaws who cause so many daughters in law, pain and frustration. Marriage is is hard enough on women as it is, now you just caused more hardship on wives. Now from now on, these already mean and controlling husbands, will continue to think his parents are perfect and he will continue he to support the bad behavior of his parents.

He will refer to you and your article and continue to hurt and disrespect his wife. Have some compassion, Dr Greenberg. And you didn't need to write a long list of 10 things, you blame on the wife. How belittling. You ought to be ashamed. This article needs to be rewritten and you need to write the same article to wives. Look at the men already sniggling and grinning, and pouring salt in wives' wounds.

Interracial Couples: My In-Laws Won’t Accept Me

Thank you for commenting. There was certainly no intent to disparage anyone here. My intent was to help ease what can often be difficult relationships. I don't mean any harm and I will try hard not to be a pest.

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It's just downright disappointing to know a woman in your position, to take sides in such a polarizing way. But tell me, have you written a like article to in laws to remind them daughters in law have so much stress on them and they don't need you all coming in causing added stress like; not trying to be in the daughter in law's delivery room, not always expecting to be invited at every one of their Christmas and Thanksgivings, not thinking you are the only babysitter choice, realizing that the daughter in law does not want or need your advice since she does have her own mother.

Be ugly acting parents in law, may cause you all to get your blessings cut off. Or is the intent of this article to excuse in laws and take a sneaky stab at wives. That's the impression that the other women in our weekly group, got. Seems it wasn't just me who felt the sting from this article. You must be a mother in law yourself, whose daughter in law, set up boundary lines and wouldn't allow her space to be invaded? It happens all day, everyday and expecting the daughter in law to, entertain, allow them to intrude into her territory, not say anything when they hurt her feelings, is indeed unrealistic.

No, Jean I have not had negative experiences with daughter-in-laws.

7 Ways to Build Positive Relationships with In-laws

I certainly was not intending to "take a sneaky stab" at anyone. Perhaps, an article to on-laws might be a good idea. Your thoughts about specifics? I have to agree with Jean's comment -- this is inherently gendered, for one, and seems wholly biased.

From cruel comments being allowed under the guise of "keeping the peace" to even inappropriate touching and behavior, how is this excusable. How can removing toxic people out of our lives be fine, but not if they happen to the parents of our spouses? I found this article very relevant even for couples in India where the joint family concept still works. I am fascinated by the fact that in spite of the joint family arrangement there are very few in-laws being murdered just kidding compared to the overall population of over 1.

The problem with in law relationships is the feeling of entitlement over their child's spouse. On what planet would this be correct? Controlling your son's wife and her home??

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Read the Scriptures people. He is supposed to leave his parents and cleave to his wife and become one! The daughter in law has a mother. And that young daughter in law is not required to allow abuse from inlaws. Why is their such a desire to control our son's and daughter's relationships? Why am I as a daughter in law, expected to let my husband's mother and father take the place of my parents and try to,control me a grown woman? His mother cannot tell me her way of doing things. That is not her role her. That's not her right. Why do I need to be quiet and let my husband's mother come into "my" home and my kitchen and slam me?

Why do you people think this is okay? In law control is absolutely a no no! And I tell all other daughters in law to not allow your husband to side with his parents against you and then expect you to love on him later. If he does disrespect his wife, she should send him out of that home.

Because if a wife sided with her parents and allowed them to abuse her husband, his little ego and pride would be hurt and he would be ready to file for a divorce. Then all the submissive wives and chauvinistic husbands would create videos on the tube network and doscuss " 50 things a husband needs from his wife", Marriage is a two way street!!

10 Basic Rules for Dealing with In-Laws - FamilyEducation

Remember this! My children are too young to date, but I have already told them that I would not interfere in their relationships. I don't own them as adults. This is about as sick as the inlaw trend where a husbands mother thinks she can be in daughter in law's delivery room? A woman's vagina is a private part. Her domineering mother in law and certainly father in law cannot see that!! Can daughter in law see mother in law and father in law's genitals as they gets their exam? Why would a husband think it was ever okay for his dad to watch his wife deliver a baby from her exposed vagina, then watch as the nurse lifts her gown and exposes her breasts to feed her baby?

When did you in law supporters, all go crazy people?

Marriage Rules - Marriage Advice for Women

Some of you have lost your minds when you suggest in law power over daughter in law! As a daughter-in-law, it is definitely important to take the high road because the in-laws will try to provoke you and just as quickly shift the blame onto you and play the victim! What worked for me was to just nod and ignore, ignore, ignore. Trust me--this infuriates your mother-in-law.

Three Options to Help You Get Ready For Marriage

Remember she wants you to retaliate so she can play innocent. After awhile, my mother-in-Law got so nasty that she started to criticize me harshly in front of her son--not smart. Now your mother-in-law will feel so enraged and humiliated that she will target her own son: "I don't even know who you are anymore! It gets better. The delusional woman will cut her son off! Just ignore her. Don't take the bait. This is your mother-in-law at her most pathetic and delusional state yet.

Let her stew.

Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws
Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws
Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws
Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws
Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws
Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws
Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws
Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws
Couples Guide: Loving Your In-Laws

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