Introduction to Wemenology

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Introduction to Wemenology

Cookbook thai cuisine made easy thai cooking recipessherlost hast du. Kreatives schreiben in einer 3 klasse german edition. Ilogo por uma igrejacomunho portuguese editiona arte de amar port. Charlotte bronts thunder. I am convinced this book should have stayed a stand alone. There were some good elements and I will talk about those but mainly, I was, once again, unimpressed.

So I don't know what I was expecting. The best parts of this book were X.

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I'm sorry -- I know he's supposed to be the antagonist but his entire perspective was the best. It was intriguing and engaging and captivating. I know David has said he won't write a serial killer novel or something but honestly he could because that romance junk was nothing compared to this intense, powerful being. The other thing I liked was the different perspectives from other beings like A. The couple at the end which hell, I would have rather read their story, please and thank you , the young kid, and the being at the museum.

I could even read more about A's day to day. But the shit with Rhiannon and Nathan I could have done without all of that. Rhiannon is probably one of my least favorite characters, ever. I didn't like her book and I didn't like her in this book. I don't want to spare her another thought because she doesn't deserve it. I wish I could forget her.

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Frankly, I am partially glad this story exists because it becomes a little scifi and expands the world and gives some "answers". But in terms of plot and pacing, it was boring and uneventful. I became uncaring very quickly and was living for X's chapters. Going into Someday , I was excited to be back in this universe. I loved Every Day and Another Day.

I've been waiting for this conclusion forever. I heavily disliked most it and almost gave it a terrible rating.

Then, I finished it. X can still choke view spoiler [and I'm not mad that he did hide spoiler ] And I thought about it. And I thought about it some more. This wasn't just Rhiannon and A's story. Ebooks

This wasn't about Nathan. It was a story about love and life. The love we have for the different people, with or without labels, in our lives, is what makes the messy worth it. I feel that on a spiratual level. I would honestly even love a continuation of this universe. Whether it's a tv show or more books.

Please give me a Liam and Peter spinoff.

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  • I used to think I had to give that capacity to just one person, and never hold back any love for myself. But how wrong I was. I can still have enough love left over for myself, to give me the strength to love all of these other people, to take on some of their burden as they take on some of mine. Very philosophical - and a great look at identity and equality. Levithan's ability to question what makes a person a "person" is amazing.

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    The variety of voices used in the audiobook was wonderfully effective; they really enhanced the story. A's voice is told through Alex McKenna, who has a very unique raspy quality to her voice. While I liked her voice for A, I didn't care as much for the voice she used for X. Sometimes that raspiness just doesn't translate for a given character.

    Overall I think Very philosophical - and a great look at identity and equality. Overall I think this is a good conclusion to the series - not great, but certainly good.

    Introduction to Wemenology Introduction to Wemenology
    Introduction to Wemenology Introduction to Wemenology
    Introduction to Wemenology Introduction to Wemenology
    Introduction to Wemenology Introduction to Wemenology
    Introduction to Wemenology Introduction to Wemenology
    Introduction to Wemenology Introduction to Wemenology

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