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My best friend tried really hard not to give up on him, but it came to the point where nothing she did would make an ounce of difference. Same thing happened to my relationship.. Now i need her badly but nothing is gonna happen. I am a bit puzzled with the advice part. This is all. Keep trying or leave. What if a person has depression? What if this person is simply brought up in a negative ways and may need more work to see themselves as good. What if leaving is not an option?


In the day and age of self-loving everywhere and putting yourself first at all costs, this kind of posts simply expand this notion. Yes, of course, one should not be subjected to abuse of any kind. BUT, you cannot simply say - try or leave.

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Sometimes the stronger partner is responsible enough to seek help for himself and the self-loathing partner so both benefit. Of course the partner of a self-loathing person should try to help him or her, but that doesn't require the other person to be a saint and sacrifice all of his or her own well-being.

A relationship haas to benefit both people, and neither should completely sacrifice his or own well-being for the sake of the other. Your comments reveal one of two things: 1- you've never experienced this, or 2- you are experiencing it right now and are trying to justify why you won't move on. I have experienced it. The emotional ride or die with a partner is only healthy until you start dying yourself. It's a huge disappointment to realize you've dug yourself a hole to try to reach someone in theirs.

UGLY ( U Gotta Love Yourself)

Then it's a huge life overhaul to pull yourself out. Better to heed the red flags along the way. I am in the challenging position of deciding whether to maintain my relationship with my partner who has MDD or leave. On the one hand, I love her and I want her to get better. We've spent a lot of time together and this relationship has been useful for her in many ways.

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On the other hand, there are days, sometimes weeks where we "don't get to have any fun". I put on my "supportive" hat first thing in the morning and when I go to bed it's still glued to my head. It can be exhausting, particularly when I consider the good times and deep conversations we've missed out on due to her sadness and sensitivity. I've decided to stick with it because it feels good to properly listen to her and when I do, things seem to get better.

The ugly side of becoming a surgeon

I have a supportive group of friends who I can rely on for the things I don't get in my relationship. Lately we've had a few more fun days than sad days. All relationships have challenges, maybe this is ours. I have been married to a self-loathing man for 11 years and it has begun to take its toll on me.

My therapist has advised me to disengage myself from him. It makes me feel very sad to have to do this. After all, who enters a marriage with the intention to have it fail? Unfortunately, years and years of negative projection on his part has detroyed all the good will between us. Initially, I believed all the horrible things he kept saying about me. Eventually, I took a step back and assessed the situation i was in.

I realised most of what he said was untrue and malicious. It was difficult coming to terms with the possibility that he never really loved me and was merely using me to fulfill an inadequecy in himself. I am still trying to disengage from him it's a gradual process.

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It's a daily challenge to not be bitter and to stay centred and positive about myself. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that there is not much i can do about my marriage if my husband persists in his mean and stubborn ways. I just tell myself that this is the challenge that had been placed in my path to help me grow as an individual. It's not easy and I have no idea where this path will take me, but it's baby steps every day.

Perhaps the saddest thing about keeping your commitment towards a self loathing love is that sooner or later you get used to sadness and get to the point when you have accepted and suffered what you would never had accepted in the times you were yourself. Very true.

What about the theory that "likes attract"? Meaning that if deep down you harbour feelings of self loathing, then no matter what you do ie.

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Any comments? I am quite daunted by this and am still having trouble understanding it. I have been suffering from depression for 3 years now and my depression has been expressed as self-loathing or vice-verse. I recognized many patterns from this article in myself and my relationship with my wife. I was repressing and ignoring emotions that was causing this trouble for a long time until basically my wife said she couldn't do it any more. By do it she meant be my cheerleader, try to cheer me up and see the good things, and overall continue to love me the way she had. She said she needs 'space'.

She still tells me that she loves me a lot and that I'm one of the most important people in her life, but she can't fight for our marriage right now. This was the shock I needed to start to become self-aware of my negative cycle I was on. I am now working with a therapist on my issues as well as finally stopped trying to stay strong and am now committed to tell my wife my emotions and insecurities.

However, it was and still is at times hard to understand this.

“Nobody Likes Me:” Understanding Loneliness and Self-shame

This article helped to provide some perspective. I care and love my wife so much and wish it never got to this point. I am working on myself now, but I still do worry that my marriage might be beyond repair. My wife and I just aren't on the same page right now. I do understand this and that my words won't convince her anymore. It will take time for her to see it.

Too ugly to be loved

I'm working on accepting there are no guarantees in our relationship, but also hoping we can work this out overtime and make our relationship stronger and better than it was before. I guess does anyone know some tools on how we can begin to reconnect, while also giving her space? There are all types of relationships.

To me, it's a matter of chemistry.

It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself! It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself!
It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself! It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself!
It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself! It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself!
It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself! It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself!
It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself! It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself!
It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself! It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself!
It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself! It’s Ok 2b U.G.L.Y! : U Gotta Love Yourself!

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