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Authentic Negotiations

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Good negotiations contribute significantly to business success, as they: help you build better relationships deliver lasting, quality solutions - rather than poor short-term solutions that do not satisfy the needs of either party help you avoid future problems and conflicts. A good negotiation leaves each party satisfied and ready to do business with each other again.

Next Negotiation skills. As you negotiate, always think about how what you say and do can help establish a long-term business relationship. A long-term relationship not only makes negotiating easier the next time, it also makes your business world a better place. The best advice I have for winning a negotiation is to be able to say no. Many of us want to be agreeable and positive and say yes whenever we can, but that's not the way to get what you want in a negotiation.

You first have to know what you want out of the negotiation, and then if you don't get it, just say no until you do. When I first began coaching entrepreneurs, I would, at times, allow my thirst for clients read: revenue to dictate my behavior. Since then I've learned that where there is one great opportunity, another follows. You'll either walk away with a great deal in hand or walk toward something even greater.

The "takeaway" is my best negotiation tactic--and I never use it on purpose. Especially if there is no agreement at the end of the first conversation, the control over the end is essential for future negotiations. Who ends the negotiation symbolizes power and control over the conversation and can thereby gain the upper hand over future negotiations. This tactic is even more important in telephone conversations, because no facial expressions and gestures can be used to signal control.

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So make sure you end your calls to strengthen your position. During my time as an investigator at the Bundeskriminalamt BKA we have successfully applied this tactic in difficult negotiation situations like extortions and hostage-takings. During the conversation, an experienced and professional negotiator gathers valuable information about his counterpart. This information can be used in the final negotiation phase. Those who properly listened to their negotiation partner can react appropriately and steer the end in the desired direction.

No one wants to be powerless, especially not when it does not match with his own self-image.

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If there is anything he or she can do for you, your counterpart will move heaven and earth to keep from being powerless. Another situation occurs when the other person is desperately trying to close well.

Negotiate Your Way to Better Outcomes.

Now it is the turn of the counterpart to state his terms for an agreement. The deal is settled.

Now there is one last critical point. Put the emphasis on mutual agreement, but do not mention, that it was a good solution for you even if everything went perfectly well. Keep control of yourself both verbally and non-verbally.

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Do not show that you are pleased with the outcome. It was not easy, but you are a very professional and experienced negotiator. Therefore, we have now found a common and solid solution.

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Thank you! Just say good-bye.

How do you measure success?

What remains is the impression that he or she got the most out of this negotiation even if that is not the case. He or she will no longer doubt the result. He or she will even defend it in their organization. Trust is built and maintained. In future negotiations you can control your counterpart even better. And last but not least you have achieved your goals.

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It is not only the first impression that counts in a negotiation.



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