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My life has been a library of little hurts. He did not say goodbye. Later, I found him asleep on a bench, the familiar hand holding a battered old paperback he'd found in some bin.

That was the last time I ever saw my father. Author bio: David Ford has published short stories and reviews in magazines. A collection of poems has been published by the Happenstance Press. He lives in London. Biography is part of Fiction issue A never-ending pain you need to numb. An absence that shreds your soul. The fragile construct of my delusion collapses and sorrow crushes my joy, for I never escaped. My desiccated heart remains entombed within your stronghold, cobweb-covered and cursed; forlorn and forgotten. I will be forever dedicated to you, yet your dedication, as always, lies elsewhere.

Before becoming a writer, she worked as a research scientist, a fish stick slinger, a chat wrangler, and a race horse narc. Dedicated is part of Fiction issue He looked at it for a long time, holding it in both hands. The boy watched his father, awaiting his gratitude. Thank you. After he left, the man switched it on, familiarised himself with the device — checked out the menu, the preloaded titles, the light it gave.

He smelt it before switching it off. Sat it beside the box it came in. His wife appeared in the doorway, holding a furniture catalogue, looking toward his packed bookshelves. Author bio: Raymond has been writing on and off for the past two years. He lives in Ireland with his wife, daughter and dog, Dolly.

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Makeover is part of Fiction issue She sips. I sip. I open a book. The Best of Dorothy Parker. Haunt someone else.

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Author bio: Danielle Keiko Eyer is an emerging writer, playwright, and stage manager based in Montreal, Canada. Twitter: DanielleKEyer. Sanctuary is part of Fiction issue The mouth-watering concoctions consisted of a variety of pies and pasties but, curiously, the author, a Mrs Lovett, had not specified whether one should use pork, beef, rabbit or venison.

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I ascertained that her culinary establishment was just a short carriage ride away in Fleet Street. Rich smells exuded from beneath as if bringing my clutched cookbook to life. Get a shave while here. Author bio: Allen Ashley works as a creative writing tutor and is the founder of the advanced science fiction and fantasy group Clockhouse London Writers.

They moved a little jerky, paused occasionally, but they still looked, smelled, and felt the same. She is working on her first novel. Twitter: tmupchurch Website: www. Snuggles is part of Fiction issue On the one hand, I will take this book and fulfil a destiny. Does it mean it will happen? Myth is an author and a theatre director preoccupied with the interdisciplinary value of art. She perceives fantasy as being intertwined with reality and she believes in the importance of artistic expression in the process of changing the world.

Catalyst is part of Fiction issue Labels: Fantasy , Issue 24 , J. Myth , September Forty feet below, the undulating treetops shift like the seas of his homeland and his heart aches. A susurration breaks his reminiscence: the whisper of pages in the wind — wing beats. He looks up. Her hide is leather-bound, gold-edged.

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Her hundred tails are ribbons of rainbow silk. Her eyes reflect his inner self and her voice is a thousand voices. Author bio: All stories are eggs that hatch in your soft wet brain space; the strongest, the fittest, dig deep and live there a while. John Xero lays a lot of little eggs, but one day The nest: xeroverse. The foolish humans think me nocturnal. They have tried many times to spell me back into the bestiary. I can smell them over the mustiness. They have always failed. I hear someone by my nest of books and bones. A tiny whoosh. Paper catching alight.

Blue-gold flames lick the pages, burn my skin, which blackens and cracks. My flesh smokes and my veins are molten agony. Her stories have been published in Fiction and Speculative Follow her on Twitter liztuckwell1. Chimera is part of Fiction issue Your knife skills are exquisite.

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You will find him madly writing away in the spare time he has available between holding down a full-time job, being part of a dysfunctional family and looking after his attention seeking dog. You can follow Shannon on Twitter at ShannonBell I personally think proofreading is very important for writing. As a writer if you cannot read your work for at least 5 times then no body is going to read it for once. So be clear, simple, direct and interesting!

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In my own personal experience, I notice how my writing becomes stale or overly wordy if I do not creatively write with habit. You do not have to write a short story a day necessarily. You can journal for example one of the best methods of keeping up your writing! Try keeping a writing journal that is distinct from your day-to-day journal, one which contains ideas, paragraphs, sentences, character names, and anything else that strikes you as writing-worthy.

Read short stories. This is equally as golden as the previous rule. The only way you can learn how to find your own writing style is to learn about the writing styles of professional writers.

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Short Story 101 Short Story 101
Short Story 101 Short Story 101
Short Story 101 Short Story 101
Short Story 101 Short Story 101
Short Story 101 Short Story 101
Short Story 101 Short Story 101
Short Story 101 Short Story 101
Short Story 101 Short Story 101

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